Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Pictures Buenos Aires

Tuesday afternoon - one more trip to Palerma for a late lunch and now back in the hotel to pick up our luggage and off to the airport for a 10:00PM flight.
After 3 days of clouds and rain on and off it is a beautiful sunny day. In Buenos Aires 460mm of rain fell this month (February) compared to an average of 100mm.

Buenos Aires Pictures
Picking up cardboard - a daily job for some street people.

Friday evening - festival in BA

San Telmo - Sunday afternoon Tango Singer.
Homes in San Telmo.

Homes in San Telmo

Park in BA

Mendoza - still running Citroen Ugly Duckling from the 60s

Mendoza park

Mendoza - Lamb or Goat meat on the Grill.

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  1. That's the kind of barbeque you and I were at in a restaurant in 1967. The location of the pit was inside of tne entrance of the restaurant in BA. Did you try some of the meet? Helmut