Monday, February 1, 2010


In Bariloche on February 1, we are staying at the Tango Inn downtown.
Here is a Link to the place
On 5th floor with great views, but no elevator! FUN!
This is the ice cream and chocolate center of Argentina - great for Seija.
Will take a few tours and walks then on Saturday on way to Mendoza with a two night stop in Neuquen do look at dinosaur bones and diggings.

Perched on the edge of Lago Nahuel Huapi and a great base inside the National Park itself, Bariloche attracts thousands of visitors from all different countries and backgrounds all year round.

The town itself offers all the comforts and facilities you could possibly ask for and the surroundings provide a whole range of outdoor activities from fishing in the lakes to climbing the park's rocky peaks. This is a very relaxed town with a fun holiday atmosphere which although can come accross a little artificial, still makes for an enjoyable stay.
Although not of a particularly Argentinian flavour, dont miss the town centre with it's Swiss mountain-lodge style buildings. A couple house interesting museums with details of the areas history and natural attractions and features.
Local buses do a scenic loop of the National Park and for the less energetic amongst us, this is a greatway to see some of the highlights including excelent views of the Nahuel Huapi glacier lake, the Quetrihue Peninsulaand Puerto Blest. Climbers, hikers and skiers have a great choice of nearby trails of varying lengths and difficulty levels although always check on weather warnings and official recommendations before hand as conditions are unpredictable all year round.

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