Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mendoza to Buenos Aires

Sunday rain stopped last night, spent day in San Telmo. Tomorrow to Boca.

La Boca is the oldest, most colorful, and most authentic neighborhood in Buenos Aires. The neighborhood was settled and built by Italian immigrants that worked in the warehouses and meatpacking plants in the area. La Boca is partly an artist colony, and mostly a working-class neighborhood.
Few tourists venture out of the main street in La Boca, Caminito, because the rest of the neighborhood is not considered safe.
The most famous street in La Boca is called Caminito(little path), and is the center of tourist activity in the area. The street is commonly shown on postcards for its multi-colored houses. Many artists also show off their work on the sides of the main street.

Friday February 19, 2010
Two inches of rain in the evening and some sections of Buenos Aires (Palermo) are flooded, up to 3 feet.
Buenos Aires Herald Palermo flooding    or Palermo Flooding Feb 19.

Thursday - Day 2 in BA weather is great in the high 80s.
Walked town (again) and visited two museums, lucky they were open. Problem finding an open one during the day. Staying close to the center Plaza Congress. Tonight Parilla La Dorita for dinner.

Arived in Buenos Aires 8:00 AM Wednesday Feb. 17, after overnight bus ride in executive bus, only 10 people on bus.

Landscape leaving Mendoza - yes you ask where are the mountains and where is the wine. Actually in the background are wineyards. None are too pretty like the ones in Napa or Sonoma. But the wine is great.
All or most wineyards are on the flat area and very dry sandy, without irrigation there would be nothing. The mountains around here have no wineyards, too cold.

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  1. All of what you are saying it´s true. La Boca is so beautiful, colorful and full of history. It is one of the main tourista attractions and it is the birthplace of tango. Regarding Mendoza let me tell you that those landscapes and sights are awesome. I went to San Rafael (one of the lost important cities there) and did some rafting. After that, I had an apartment rental buenos aires with my boyfriend and stayed in BA for a whole month. Wonderful experience!